Sunday, July 29, 2012

Stashbusting 2012 - Week 29 & 30

 Since there wasn't any post last week for stash busting as Judy implemented her new blog, I have two weeks posted here.  I did get a fair amount accomplished, but not a lot of stash used.  I made a label and added binding to Shine on Bayou Cane, but I counted the binding fabric when I cut it....back in 2010!

I have a bunch of pictures here, so please be patient with the page loading. :-)

This is the panto that I used to quilt Shine on Bayou Cane.  I had a leaf pattern that I like from a picture online, so I was able to trace it and make it into a pantograph.  I also had to re-size it because the original picture was about 8" tall, but my throat space at the bottom of an 80" long quilt is just shy of 5".


The thread I used on it was Superior Threads' Bottom Line in the bobbin and their "Lava" thread in Fern Grotto.  I also used Quilter's Dream Cotton batting in Select thickness.


Here's a close-up of the quilting...


And the backing....


This is the best picture I have of the quilt as I was taking it off the frame.  Once I have the binding hand-sewn to the back, I'll post another picture of the fully completed quilt.  The binding won't be hand-sewn until this fall once it gets a little cooler.


Here's the label I made for the quilt.  I didn't judge the thickness of my seam for the binding though, so a small amount of the text will be covered by the binding when its sewn down.  I'll correct that for the next one I do. :-)


This is what else I've been working on.  On the far left are two blocks for my random scrappy quilt.  It will be made of 16-patch blocks that use 2" (finished) squares from every quilt I've made.  The other blocks/rows are from Wildflower Fields (Bonnie Hunter's Orca Bay pattern).  I have just under half of the rows put together. 


I probably won't have a lot of stash usage in the next few weeks as I've started quilting a quilt I started last year in a class.  I counted the backing and binding for that last year, too, so while I will get a finish done in the next few weeks, it won't change my numbers.  However, at least I'm in the positive again, which is definitely good.

Here are the numbers:
Added This Week:       0.0 yards
Added Year to Date:    18.54 yards
Used This Week:          0.42 yards
Used Year to Date:       20.14 yards
Net Year to Date:         -1.60 yards

Go on over to Judy's post to see how everyone has done this week.

Happy Crafting!
~Sarah at upstateNYCreations

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  1. Both your quilts are so nice. Your Wildflower Fields just sparkles! You did a great job quilting using your leaf panto. Superior makes the best thread.