Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Goodbye....and HELLO!

It has been another hectic few weeks here.  I have been getting some quilting done, but there's not a whole lot to show.  Stitch in the ditch quilting is very boring for photos!  It will be good in the end, but its time consuming and doesn't really photograph well.

I do have some other news though.  Living in upstate NY makes things challenging at times, especially in the winter with the snow that we receive.  This past winter, we had a higher than normal amount of snow, which mean my little Mazda 3 didn't do to well.  There were several days that I was stuck at home because the car just isn't good enough in the snow to risk driving it.

Here's my cute little Mazda:

2004 Mazda3

It has definitely served me well over the years, despite not being all-wheel drive.  Its a pretty sporty car to drive and was a great car to learn to drive standard shift.  Since I really did need an all-wheel drive vehicle, we recently started looking around for a new car.

I knew I wanted to try out a Subaru since they have the best all-wheel drive cars for the price you pay.  Their vehicles are very reasonably priced compared to other all-wheel drive vehicle options.  My husband has a 2009 Subaru WRX, which we both love to drive, so we decided to try and find a new 2015 WRX for me. 

It took a bit of patience as these cars are a hot commodity right now and they are a bit hard to find even to be able to test drive one.  However, we did find one that we were able to test drive and I fell in love with it.  That particular dealer was not willing to give us a fair price for the trade in value for the Mazda, so we ended up walking away.

However, not even a week later, I found another dealer within 100 miles that had the exact vehicle I was looking for.  We ended up putting a refundable deposit on the car and drove the 100 miles 2 weekends ago to get the car.

An here she is....  :c)

2015 WRX

I absolutely love the new car.  It is extremely sporty and can handle just about any curve you throw at it.  I've been very good at driving it so far and not pushing the engine too hard.  Since it has a turbo, you need to break the engine in a bit before you really start pushing it.

We'll end up getting a spare set of rims and tires for the winter since the car comes with summer performance tires, but I know from experience that this thing will be able to walk up walls in the winter once we put the snow tires on it.

So if you're in the upstate NY area, keep an eye out for a blue may be me. :c)

Happy Crafting!
 ~Sarah at upstateNYCreations