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Longarm Quilting Services!

Have quilt tops or unfinished projects that need quilting? I am a semi-professional quilter with a machine quilting frame. I can quilt pieced quilts up to 80" x 90" as well as smaller projects such as table runners, wall hangings, etc.

I am also willing to add binding to quilted tops (machine sewn to front and hand sewn to the back of the quilt). If you have a top already quilted and it just needs binding, I can add it for you to get that UFO finished! Contact me for samples of work and/or questions.

Quilting Prices:

- Pantograph -
        -- Simple (level 1) -- $0.02/square inch
        -- Moderate (level 2) -- $0.04/square inch
        -- Detailed (level 3) -- $0.06/square inch

If you would like something different from the shown pantographs, I can either purchase additional ones or I have designed my own in the past.  Additional costs will be incurred if I need to design a new pantograph.  

- Custom and semi-custom work -- contact me to discuss and for pricing.

- Binding
       o Adding binding by machine (2.5" binding strips already cut/pieced) - $15
       o Adding binding by machine (cutting fabric and machine stitching to quilt) - $30
       o Hand sew binding to quilt top - $0.20/linear inch

- Batting
I can supply batting if needed.  It will be added, at cost, to the overall price of the quilt. 

- Minimum charge = $50

Example prices:
- 40" x 60" quilt with adding binding (cut binding, machine sew, hand stitch to back):
       o Pantograph (level 1) cost -- 40 x 60 = 2400 sq inches * $0.02/sq inch = $48
       o Binding cost (cutting and machine stitching) = $30
       o Binding cost (hand sewing) = 40 x 2 + 60 x 2 = 200 linear inches * $0.20/linear inch = $40

       o TOTAL COST = $48 + $35 + $40 = $123

- 60" x 70" quilt with level 2 quilting:
       o Pantograph (level 2) cost -- 60 x 70 = 4200 sq inches * $0.04/sq inch = $168

If you have any questions about the types of pantographs or level of quilting on each pantograph, feel free to contact me.

Quilt Preparation

These are guidelines only.....
I love all quilts perfect or not... they are meant to be used and loved!

1. Trim all those loose threads as you piece your top then give it a final trim.  This is well worth the effort to prevent loose threads from migrating and showing through on lighter colored fabrics.

2. Press your blocks as you go then press your quilt top and try to make sure all your seams are heading in the right direction, it gives a better finish to your quilt.

3. If appropriate, pin a note to the quilt to tell which edge, if any, is the top.

4. Batting/Backing supplied by you needs to be 6 inches bigger all round than your quilt top (i.e. if your top is 70" x 70" then your batting and backing needs to be 76" x 76".

5. Please square your backing and the same applies add at least 6 inches to your measurements...

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