Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Make-A-List Monday (err... Tuesday)

This is SO what I feel like today....

The husband is still recovering from knee surgery.  He decided to push it just a bit too much last week and ended up causing the knee/leg to swell again.  Its been doing a lot better though and he can now spend about half the day not having to use crutches at all.

However, Sunday night he decided he was going to try to sleep upstairs, which I was actually happy about...I missed sleeping next to him!  The down-side....he had awful stomach pains and was up all night, which meant I was up all night.  I'm not sure how he made it through Monday at work, but I definitely wasn't going to make it.  I had about an hour's worth of sleep and there was no way I was going to function, so I stayed home.  I'm still feeling pretty tired today even after sleeping 4.5 hours yesterday morning after dropping him off at work.

Needless to say, I haven't been doing a lot on the quilting front due to picking up the extra chores that hubby usually does.  I've even used this a few times now...

not for lifting rocks...but for taking the garbage out! ;-)

So here was the "grand plan" for last week.
1.  Post for Wanna Know Wednesday. DONE!

2. Start quilting individual blocks on the Quilt Sampler. Started.  I have maybe 4 blocks quilted, but then decided to take a break and get some piecing done.

3. Post about Quilt #5 on the blog. Ack! Didn't do this and I was really meaning to!

Hopefully this week will be a little better than last week.  Is it wrong that I just want it to be the weekend... NOW!?  ;-)

Plans for this week:
1. Post on Wednesday (I may be changing it to work-in-progress Wednesday).

2. Finish sewing rows together into quilt top for Wildflower Fields.

3. Post about Quilt #5 on the blog...this week I'm actually going to do it!

Hope everyone out there in "blog-land" is having a good week so far!

Happy Crafting!
~Sarah at upstateNYCreations

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