Thursday, August 30, 2012


Tonight while making dinner, we had a cute little visitor in our back yard.  Actually, she wasn't so little, but it was good to see some wild life.  (Remind me I said this a year from now when I'm cursing at the deer for eating our plants!)


I zoomed in really far this time to get a closer snap shot, but its a little fuzzy.  She seemed pretty healthy and happy.  Some trees on the edge of the clearing behind the house are dropping little berries and I'm sure that's what she was eating.  It may even be the cherry trees dropping the little things, so I'm sure they probably taste good.


She eventually wandered to the opposite side of the backyard and off into the woods.  She went over towards the orange thing (its an orange tub covering a pump near our now-dry stream bed) and then wandered across into the field next to us.


We know we have fox (have had two killed and still have one eating frogs in the backyard occasionally) and a ground hog.  I saw a rabbit once, but haven't seen him since.  Maybe the fox got him.  We also have some huge bird, we think a hawk, nesting in a shag-bark birch just in the background behind the last shot of the deer.  Its kind of cool to have them so close and not really  caring that a house is now here.  I'm sure they will get more bold now that building has been done for almost a year and its just the two of us here.

Happy Crafting!
~Sarah at upstateNYCreations

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