Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Wanna Know Wednesday - Thread Conditioner

A few weeks ago I was browsing my local quilt shop (yes, a very dangerous least for my wallet) and saw a small box of Thread Heaven thread conditioner.  


 I had heard about this stuff being recommended by a few sewers (both quilters and non-quilters) and they all loved it.  Basically, this thread conditioner will help prevent fraying and tangling of your thread while sewing.  If you want to know all the details, please see Thread Heaven's website.

I have to say that even though people talked about this product, I was skeptical of it.  It doesn't seem difficult to do hand-sewing the way I have been doing it without any thread conditioner, so why would this product be worth the price or effort to use?

This little baby is a miracle worker!  I decided to just try it since it was not expensive (I think I paid less than $4 for the container).  I used it to hand-sew the label below.


It was SO incredibly easy to pull the thread through the fabric.  It was very close to putting a hot knife through soft butter.  It was amazing!  I've been doing hand-sewing for a while and never has it been this easy to stitch through thick cotton fabric.  I am definitely a believer in this stuff now.

I would highly recommend using this product if you are doing any kind of hand-sewing.  While the company says that the product can be used on needlepoint without any damage, I am hesitant to use it on my needlepoint.  My needlepoint projects take years to complete because they are so large, and the last thing I want is to use a product and have it stain the fabric on me when its something I do not intend to wash.  I do plan on contacting the company though to see what kind of testing they have done.

By the way - I have not been paid by the company or contacted by the company to review this product.  This is just something that I had heard about and tried and found it to be very useful.

Happy Crafting!
~Sarah at upstateNYCreations

UPDATE:  I just finished reading an email from the Thread Heaven folks and they re-assured me that Thread Heaven is safe for the needlepoint that I do.  In fact, they said: "Smithsonian has used Thread Heaven on the hand embroidered tapestry "seals" for presidents Clinton, Bush, and Obama, and even though presidents come and go, the tapestries are meant to last!"  The Thread Heaven product will help protect the thread from UV exposure and other things that will "age" it.

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