Monday, December 3, 2012

Make-A-List Monday

Its Monday again...  I feel like I should put one of those Garfield cartoons on here regarding how bad Mondays are.  I think Garfield once proposed eliminating all Mondays from the calendar.  :-)  I would totally be up for that!

I actually got quite a bit done this past weekend.  Two quilts are now quilted and ready for binding.  A third quilt has the backing prepared and is ready to get loaded onto the quilt frame.  Here's one of the two quilts that got quilted.  This one got done Saturday afternoon between entertaining my in-laws.  Its a quilt that will given as part of a charity function with  my guild.  Another member had pieced the top and prepared backing and binding, but the quilt needed the final quilting and binding. 


I love the texture this pattern leaves on the quilt.  I quilted it using Baby Blue from Connecting Threads in the top and a coordinating shade of blue from Superior Threads Bottom Line in the bobbin.  I love using the Superior Threads various different types of threads.  The Connecting Threads is also good (no problems with my machine), but it does produce more lint.


So here's what I had planned for last week.

1. Post pictures of completed quilts and update blog. Done!  Posted here and here.
2. Quilt charity quilt for guild.  Done! (above)
3. Post pictures of Patchwork Garden completed.  Done!  Posted here.
4. Post picture of Christmas tree. Oops!  Forgot about this one.  I really should get a good picture of the tree as its very pretty this year.

This week is probably going to be another busy week, but here's what I would like to get done.

1. Prepare backing and baste the Lone Star Wall hanging.
2. Trim quilt top for Whirly Stars baby quilt and add binding.
3. Trim quilt top for charity quilt and add binding.
4. Post picture of Christmas tree and snowman applique project.

I hope everyone's week is starting out well!

Happy Crafting!
~Sarah at upstateNYCreations

Also, check out this pretty cool piece of wall art.  I could actually see hanging this in our foyer...we have a lot of blank space there!

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