Monday, June 4, 2012

Make-a-List Monday

I think I did a bit better last week in terms of completing my goals. 
Here's the list from last week:

1.  Post directions for table runner. DONE!

2.  Post for Wanna-Know-Wednesdsay. DONE!

3.  Share pictures of Lone Star Wall Hanging.  DONE!

4. Setup area in sewing room for scraps. Not done.

5. Share pictures of planting bed. DONE!

Overall, I did pretty well.  The only thing I didn't do last week was getting an area setup in my sewing room for scraps.  However, I did spend a few hours with Rich planning out how to make a good design wall.  We're going to use two 1/4" thick pieces of plywood (very cheap) and then adhere 1/2" thick cork board to the front of it.  Once we have the plywood and cork board installed, I will then wrap the entire front of the "wall" with a fabric design wall (flannel-type material).  This will allow a surface that will have the fabric pieces "stick" to it as well as giving a spongy surface underneath for pinning if I need it. 

We're actually going to use two 4 x 6 foot pieces of plywood and install them on the wall right next to each other.  This way, we can assemble the wood and cord in the basement and only move it upstairs once we're ready to wrap it in fabric.  If I tried to make one huge continuous wall, we'd have to assemble it in my sewing room, which would equate to a mess (due to the adhesive and sawdust) along with not letting me sew for a while due to the mess.

So what's in store for this coming week?

1.  Post for Wanna-Know Wednesday.

2. Share more pictures of Lone Star Wall Hanging.

3. Post initial set of directions on how to make a Lone Star quilt.

4. Purchase materials for design wall.

5. Quilt small "mug rugs" that I've had made for a while.

Happy Crafting!
~Sarah at upstateNYCreations

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