Sunday, April 28, 2013

Stashbusting 2013 - Week 17

Wow!  I can't believe its been so long since I last posted for Stashbusting this year.  I looked back and the last time I reported anything was back on week 8.  Yikes!

I've been doing a fair amount of quilting, but not using a whole lot of stash.  I've been working on some custom quilting for myself, which has been taking a long time to do.


I did get some quilting done this past week that used up some stash.  This quilt top is mostly together.  I have two side of the first set of borders on now and I've cut/sewn all the pieces for the pieced border (the little blocks in the picture below).


Slowly, but surely, I'm making progress.  I guess the good thing is that I've only bought one piece of fabric this year and it was backing for a quilt top.

Here are my numbers so far this year:
Added This Week:       0.00 yards
Added Year to Date:    5.86 yards
Used This Week:          0.68 yards
Used Year to Date:       4.01 yards
Net Year to Date:         -1.84 yards

Go on over to Judy's blog to see how everyone else is doing.

Happy Crafting!
~Sarah at upstateNYCreations


  1. Your quilting looks amazing!!!!! Great idea for bordering that Bento box quilt.

  2. Very nice feathers. A dream for me in the next quilt life. Your Bento box is turning out nice also. Keep crafting away there.

  3. Gorgeous quilting. Love your newer project too, very colorful.

  4. Beautiful quilting! Knocks your socks off!

  5. Your Bento box colors are terrific. Like what you are doing with the borders too. Also, your quilting looks great. Show us the whole quilt when you are done, OK?