Friday, April 26, 2013

Garden Update

The flowers have slowly been growing here in upstate NY.  We've had a few days where its warm in the afternoon, but its still been cool in the mornings.  Yesterday morning it was 34F. Brrr!  This weekend we're supposed to get close to 70F. :-)

I decided to take a few pictures of our garden last night to show how well the plants have been growing.  I last posted about the garden here.  In that post, there was very little green and lots of brown stalks.  What a difference 2 weeks can make!


I found this little guy in my garden after some siblings visiting a few weeks ago.  He's very cute and I now have my own "little piggy". :-)

The plants are really starting to get green now.  Now flowers or buds yet really, but even the green looks good!



The greenish spots in the picture below are tall phlox on the left and cone flowers on the right.  The reddish bits are a neat plant called a Catchfly.  They have very pretty orange-red flowers on them when they bloom.


The little bits of green in the picture below are purple geraniums, and its a perennial.  Most geraniums in this area are annuals, but this particular variety is a perennial, which is nice.  I always find it hard to buy annuals knowing that I'll have to do it again next year!


Our lupines are much happier this year.  The one on the left is really doing well and hopefully we'll get more than one flower off the plant this year.


Our poppies are doing well.... at least the ones that survived.  All the blank spots... those are dead poppies that didn't make it through the drought last year.  We'll fill them in this weekend after we go plant shopping.


Our clematis is doing really well now.  It took us a long time to get it into the ground last year and as such, we weren't sure if it was going to survive.  It was really root bound in the pot and had grown through the holes in the bottom of the pot into the dirt below.  So when we pulled it out of the pot, we destroyed a lot of the roots.  This particular variety grows on old wood, so once it starts twinning about the lattice work, we won't have to cut it and pull it off the lattice.  We can just leave it there and it will keep growing and blooming.  We plan to get two more clematis this year to put on either side of the starter plant.


And the last of our little flowers.  This particular corner of the garden did not fare very well.  One lupine died, the poppies died and the two remaining lupines aren't very happy.  We may have to re-think the plants we have in this area.


I really love this time of year when the plants are all starting to grown and the blossoms are just starting to develop.  Everything is fresh and green and you can watch the woods and plants start to take off for growing throughout the summer.

Happy Crafting!
~Sarah at upstateNYCreations

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  1. I always love watching the plants grow too, even though everything is green here now and growing we continue to have cooler than normal temperatures - strange year.