Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Winding Ways

This past summer, I finally got around to trying out the Go! die for the Winding Ways pattern.  Out of the pieces of fabric I had from a 1/2 yard sampler, I was able to get a total of 12 blocks for the design (I still have lots of smaller strips left over from the 1/2 yard sampler). 

I pieced together 9 of the blocks to make a wall hanging, but I wasn't quite sure what to do with the top 3.

After letting the blocks sit there on the design wall for awhile, I finally decided to make a simple table runner out of it.  I put the 3 remaining blocks on point and then cut setting triangles to go between them.  Instead of doing a typical quilt "sandwich" and then binding the runner, I did something a little different.  I layered the batting on the bottom, then the backing (face up) and then the top fabric (face down) and top-stitched all around the edges while leaving a 6" opening on one side.  After trimming some of the excess batting and backing away, I turned it inside out to make the table runner.

I hand-stitched the opening closed and then did another round of top-stitching around the edge of the table runner.  I also did some stitch-in-the-ditch between the pieced blocks and the setting triangles to anchor things down.

I haven't decided whether I want to actually do any other stitching or just leave it very simple like it is.  I'm leaning more towards the simple!  :c)  The good thing is that if I change my mind, I can always add more stitching later and this counts as my first finish for 2014. LOL.

Its another cold week here in upstate NY.  I don't know what the low temperature was last night, but this morning coming into work it was -11F.  With the wind blowing, the "feel like" temperature was -21F! 

I don't typically mind the cold; after all, I live in the northeast and its winter!  :c)  The wind is a bit brutal these past few weeks and we're supposed to stay cold like this for another week or two.  Its a good thing we have lots of wood stockpiled so we can keep the fireplace running at night!

Happy Crafting!
~Sarah at upstateNYCreations

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