Friday, January 24, 2014

Quilt #12 - Charmed Stars

In another trip down memory lane, here's a quilt that I made in 2009.  One of my co-workers was expecting a baby, and at the last minute I decided to make a quilt for them.  I had a bunch of 5" squares left over from a prior baby quilt and this was a good time to use them!  :c)

I laid out the pieces in a relatively random fashion and pieced them together into this sweet little quilt:

The quilt got its name from the 5" squares (charms) and the quilting design which was a free-form star motif.

It was a very quick design that I put together in a single weekend.  The backing was a lovely pink flannel with letters and shapes (i.e. w for whale, b for ball, etc).

Here's one of the final pictures as I was getting the binding sewn down...

And the finished...err... masterpiece? ;-)

Bad picture, but it shows the embroidery I did on the binding.  I've tried a few different ways for labeling quilts and so far my favorite is to just stitch the information right onto the binding before its applied to the quilt.  It makes it a bit less obtrusive, but still provides the information of who and when the quilt was made.

Definitely not my best pictures, but it was a fun little quilt to make.  The baby loved it and once she grew out of it, she started using it as a blanket for her dolls.

Happy Crafting!
~Sarah at upstateNYCreations

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