Monday, August 5, 2013

Quiet Lately...

I've been pretty quiet on the blog front the past few weeks.  The usual culprits are to blame... work, home, work, work.... ;-)

The past few weeks have been pretty hectic and we were trying to get ready for a vacation trip... which now is cancelled.  We were originally going to be going to Hawaii for a week (two weeks for my husband due to a business conference), but unfortunately we've had to cancel the trip.

We are still going to be taking vacation next week, since we both need it, but we'll just be staying home instead.  I hope to be able to get some quilting done next week.  I've been doing a good amount of hand sewing lately, but nothing to really show for it. 

I've been sewing hanging sleeve #1 onto the Lone Star quilt and also doing the final touches of embroidery on a small appliqued wall hanging.  I need to rinse off the wall hanging a bit before I take any pictures, but I'll get some pictures of it soon.

The other notable thing going on was that we had a kitten playing around our driveway and hunting the little birds.  I didn't mind it too much, but I didn't really want him sticking around either.  I was hoping he'd find another home in someone else's barn with a bunch of other kitties.  After a few days of seeing him around, we noticed he wasn't playing on the driveway anymore.  We didn't think much of it and just figured he found somewhere else. 

Yesterday while driving up the driveway on the tractor to plant some things, my husband pointed out the kitten hunkered down by the culvert near the driveway.  I stopped the tractor to get a better look, and unfortunately, we noticed a bunch of flies flying around the kitten.  We don't know what did it, but the kitten was dead. :-(  We don't know if he just couldn't catch any food or if he was sick to begin with.  We did the right thing though and buried him near the driveway at a base of a tree.  We felt badly for the kitten and really had hoped he was going to be OK and just find a better barn to live in.

We'll keep our eyes out in the future for the little kittens if they show up and we'll contact animal control to have them come trap the cat before something happens to them.  We haven't seen any others, but we'll definitely keep our eyes open for them.

Anyway - I hope to post some pictures later this week of the garden and the quilting I'm working on.  Hope everyone is having a great Monday!

Happy Crafting!
~Sarah at upstateNYCreations

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  1. I have not seen many stray cats around our place for a change - so often we see a lot but this year not near as many - I wonder what has happened to them.
    Too bad your vacation plans changed, a week in Hawaii sounds wonderful