Thursday, July 18, 2013

New Furniture

Ever since moving into the house, we've been looking and struggling to find the furniture that we want to put into certain rooms.  We've spent 1.5 years looking for the furniture that we wanted... and couldn't find it at a reasonable price.  We were ready to just plunk down the cash for the stuff we wanted, but then found a great local place called The Blue Hen.

They have Amish-made furniture that is custom made for you (including wood type and stain).  The furniture pieces in the store were absolutely wonderful so we decided to go for it.  Usually my husband has a hard time getting things sight unseen, but he was willing to do it this time and we now have some great furniture.

I'll start off with the small stuff.  In our pool room, we wanted a small table and some stools for folks to use while playing a game.  We couldn't find ANYTHING that we liked locally, until we talked to the Amish folks.  They made this table to the exact size we wanted.


The top is truly very pretty and buttery smooth!


These "saddle" stools are just about perfect.  They are comfortable and incredibly easy to move around.  We're actually going to get some extras for our kitchen island.


The wood finish on the top of the stools is incredible.  Also...we love the look of cherry wood and it was perfect for these stools. :-)


Then for our kitchen area, we had been looking for a table for a long time.  We found one that was the right size, but would have been twice the price that we paid for this custom table.  This table was stained exactly to match our cabinets (dark wood on bottom and lighter on the top).


In the picture below, you can see the stain differences a little better.


Again, the color is off a little bit due the light, but the table top is very pretty.  I'm definitely going to get another picture with the morning sun on it since it was spectacular this morning.


If you are looking for furniture, I would highly recommend finding someone nearby that sells Amish furniture.  Not only are you going to get a great piece of furniture that is well made, but you're also supporting the local American economy.  The wood for our furniture came from right here in the US and it was made in the US.  Its definitely a good feeling to have purchased something that was made right here versus shipped overseas.

Happy Crafting!
~Sarah at upstateNYCreations


  1. that furniture is beautiful. I remember once on a trip to Pennsylvania we wandered through an Amish Furniture shop that was set up next to their house - wonderful-- we actually were thinking of renting a u-haul trailer to bring furniture home with us but knew we had too many stops to make on the way home and didn't want to drag it all over the US with us!! I'm glad now that we didn't get it as my taste in furniture have changed over the years and what I liked then I don't know - now I like the kind of stuff you just got :) love those stools!!

  2. Sarah, your new furniture is gorgeous! I'm a sucker for cherry, too. The stools are really neat - and they look so comfy. Your home looks just beautiful!