Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Coffered Ceiling Progress

We have a pretty significant house project that we're working on.  We're putting a coffered ceiling up into one of the rooms in our house.  We have a traditional center-hall colonial styled house so this would be where the formal living room would be.  However, we designed the house (with our builder) to have this room be large enough to fit an 8-ft pool table. 

After a few weeks of figuring out how to put the largest square inside that room and how to account for walls not being completely straight, we were able to put the anchoring boxes up on the ceiling.  We're definitely glad that we have a compressor with a nail gun and an impact driver.  This would have been MUCH harder without those two little tools.

Here's my husband up on the ladder putting painter's tape around the recessed lighting fixtures that we loosened from the ceiling. The ceiling will be painted the same color as the walls and all the molding created by the coffered boxes will be white like the molding around the windows and doorways.


Here we are with the first coat of paint on the ceiling and putting up the flat boards on the bottoms of the boxes.  This was quite an endeavor and we ended up needing 4 people to do it.  We could have gotten away with just 3, but the 4th person helped with handing tools up to my husband so he didn't have to keep getting down from the ladder.


We were able to get all the flat boards up on Saturday and I took this picture Sunday morning while we had some natural daylight in the room.


We jokingly said we should keep it open like that and provide a way for the cat to get up there and walk all around the ceiling areas in those sections.  She would probably have a ball doing that. :-)


So that's our progress so far.  We now have to route the bottoms of the vertical pieces, paint them and then nail them up to the anchor boxes to enclose everything.  After that, its time for crown molding.

We have a deadline of March 15 as some friends of ours sold their house and can't take their pool table with them when they move down south.  So we are purchasing their pool table from them.  However, we need to have the ceiling done before the 15th such that we're not trying to work around the pool table.  We're going to work from the center section outward when doing the crown molding and touch-up painting.  If we can get the center section done by the deadline, then we'll be OK as we'll still be able to get ladders up around the pool table after its in place.

Happy Crafting!
~Sarah at upstateNYCreations

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  1. what work! when my husband starts a home improvement project I dread it because it takes him years and years to finish.