Sunday, April 6, 2014

Another Project... LOL

Not that I needed another one, I decided to start a new quilt project this past week.  This pattern is called Jambalaya by Prairie Sky Quilting.  The pattern is designed for using fat quarters, but I used a set of quarter yard cuts that I had instead.  I had a bit more waste that I cut into pieces for other scrap quilts, but it used up some of my stash.

Here is the first set of blocks ready to be sewn.
Jambalya 01

And all of the "plain" blocks required for the pattern.

Jambalya 02

Jambalya 03

This next photo has the plain blocks and one of the other blocks next to each other.  I ended up spreading them all out and then putting equal numbers of the blocks into the columns for the quilt.  I wanted to have an even mix of all the fabrics.

Jambalya 04

I then laid them all out on the floor so I could make sure I had a good mix of the fabrics.  There were a few fabrics that I had more of the blocks in that particular color, so I had to make sure I was intermixing those so I wouldn't end up with a clump of blocks all the same color.

Jambalya 05

I decided to start this pattern as I wanted to try something new.  This quilt requires partial seams due to the nature of how the blocks align.  So its new to me as I haven't done partial seams before.  I have most of the columns sewn at this point, but I haven't started trying to join the columns together with the partial seams yet.  We'll see how that goes.  ;c)

I hope everyone is enjoying the weekend.  Here in upstate NY, the weather is finally nice.  Most of our snow is gone, though we still have piles of it in certain places.  It is supposed to get up to 55F today with a high later this week of 65F.  We don't have any plants growing yet, but spring is finally here. 

Happy Crafting!
~Sarah at upstateNYCreations

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  1. i think the partial seams would have put me off - I have seen another one that does this but I don't remember the name of the pattern. Looking forward to seeing yours finished - I am having a hard time controlling myself not to start an easy quilt right now with the machine - I really need some finishes first! I have too many going on right now to start another.