Sunday, April 27, 2014

Quilt Show - Empire Quilt Fest

A few weeks ago, my parents were up visiting and we went to a local quilt show that is held every other year. There are always some amazing quilts at the show.  Here's some really beautiful ones that struck my eye while I was there.

"Curves Ahead" by Sue Schoch.  The pattern was called Urban Pods.
Empire Quilt Fest 01

"Party Streamers" by Suzette Merendo-DuPont.  The pattern has the same name by Kate Mitchell Quilts.

Empire Quilt Fest 03

Empire Quilt Fest 06

Empire Quilt Fest 04

"Queen of the Magnolias" by Jennie Ozog.  The pattern is called Cathedral Window Quilts by Lynne Edwards.
Empire Quilt Fest 07

"My Celtic Solstice" by Laurie Collins.  The pattern is "Celtic Solstice" by Bonnie Hunter and Laurie made modifications to the borders to make it all her own.  I like how she modified the border and put a celtic quilting theme into it.
Empire Quilt Fest 09

The quilting was great on this one.

Empire Quilt Fest 10

Empire Quilt Fest 12

"Star Sapphire" by Monica Mottolese and the pattern is by Jinny Beyer.

Empire Quilt Fest 13

Empire Quilt Fest 14

Empire Quilt Fest 14

"100 Patch" by Ronald H. Lower.  This one would be a great pattern to use up lots of those little scraps that we never know what to do with.
Empire Quilt Fest 16

"Floral Fantasy - William Morris" by Rita Haldar.
Empire Quilt Fest 18

"Baltimore Album Quilt" by Chris Polak.  The patterns were taken from various books by Elly Sienkiewicz.
Empire Quilt Fest 20

"Mimi's Traditional Garden" by Carol Swota.  Pattern is "Mimi's Bloomers" by Erin Russek.
Empire Quilt Fest 22

Empire Quilt Fest 23

Empire Quilt Fest 24

"Bella's Mimi" by Janet Palombo.  Pattern "Mimi's Bloomers" by Erin Russek.
Empire Quilt Fest 26

Empire Quilt Fest 27

"More Whirligigs" by Laurie Collins.  Pattern is "Whirligig" by John Kubiniec.
Empire Quilt Fest 30

Empire Quilt Fest 31

"Repro Stars" by Mary Widdis.  Pattern is from County Threads.  This quilt is actually very small.  The log cabin pieces were only 1/2" wide finished.  The individual did an amazing piecing job with this one.
Empire Quilt Fest 33

"We're on a Roll...." by Suzette Merendo-Dupont.  The pattern is by Karen Brown of Java House Quilts.  I couldn't help myself with this one.  Its just so cute and funny.
Empire Quilt Fest 38

"Feather and Swirl" by Laurie Collins.  This last quilt was one of the few whole-cloth quilts in the show.  It is a masterpiece.  I can't imagine the number of hours it took to quilt this.
Empire Quilt Fest 40

Empire Quilt Fest 41

Empire Quilt Fest 42

Next time I'm hoping to enter a few quilts into the show.  I always end up forgetting to do so and finally remember it about a week before the show opens, which is obviously too late to enter anything.  I really need to start planning ahead a little bit more. :c)

Happy Crafting!
~Sarah at upstateNYCreations

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  1. great quilts - I have never seen another Floral Fantasy! so nice to see how someone else's turned out - whoever made that quilt went with the colors in the pattern so closely