Sunday, May 5, 2013

Stashbusting 2013 - Week 18

Wow!  Two weeks in a row that I'm posting for stashbusting... maybe I can keep it up. ;-)

I used a bit more fabric this week for my Bento Box quilt.  I had to cut some more pieces to make the pieced border, and I cut strips of fabric for 4" borders around the entire quilt.


The borders are ready to go on, but today will be spent outside again with the garden and taking care of the property (along with laundry and grocery shopping and paying bills).

Yesterday, I planted 24 new perennials to replace ones that died over the winter and also 4 more broccoli plants.  This is the first year that we're trying to grow some veggies, so we're starting with tomatoes and broccoli.  Next year we'll try some beans and possibly corn, too.

Here are my numbers so far this year:
Added This Week:       0.00 yards
Added Year to Date:    5.86 yards
Used This Week:          0.88 yards
Used Year to Date:       4.89 yards
Net Year to Date:         -0.97 yards

I'm just one yard in the hole and I know I'll be able to bust that out soon.  I will have one quilt ready for quilting and the Bento Box quilt will be ready soon, so that will be some good yardage busted once I get those complete.

Go on over to Judy's blog to see how everyone else is doing.

Happy Crafting!
~Sarah at upstateNYCreations


  1. I like your border for the bento - just right. Congrats on your numbers!

  2. Your bento box is great. I'm sure its numbers will really put you in good shape once you count it as used. Sunday ends up being my "do chores day" as well. Of course I work hard between the washer and dryer finishes. I'll be making a new Mexican recipe for dinner. All is ready for putting me time where I want to be most! Sandi

  3. Your Benito Box is beautiful! Great idea for a border. I know what you mean about the yard and garden taking your sewing time right now.