Friday, May 31, 2013


I have made some progress on the quilting front, but I just haven't shared anything in a while.  Here's my Bento Box top all complete.  I haven't quilted it yet... its in the line of quilts waiting to be quilted.


Here's a closer picture of one corner.  I like how the stones in the border set off the boxes in the middle.


Our garden has also been taking off lately.  Here's some of our poppies:


More poppies and our clematis on the lattice work is really starting to grown and climb.


These haven't flowered yet, but they're definitely getting bigger.


I absolutely love this Columbine plant.  The flowers look so delicate!  They're a nice reddish color, too.


And a view all the way down the sidewalk showing the various different poppies.


We have a nice pink flower, too.  I love the pinks.  They're a very deep pink when they first bloom.



I have some more pictures of the garden to show that are a bit newer.  We also had a very heavy storm come through earlier this week that resulted in flash flood warnings and tornado warnings.  We actually had a EF2 tornado on the ground for 17 miles on Tuesday night.  There was some damage, but not as much property damage as one would have expected given that we don't normally get tornadoes in this area.

Happy Crafting!
~Sarah at upstateNYCreations

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  1. you were lucky to not have storm damage from the tornado - was it right there in your neighborhood or further away. We are in for more heavy storms tonight. Love the quilt - I too have that stack waiting in line to be quilted.