Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Make-a-List Monday (posted Tuesdsay)

It seems I took an unintended break from blogging the past week or two.  The pink eye that I had picked up last week proved to be a little more stubborn than usual.  I ended up having to go back to the doctor and then seeing an ophthalmologist, too, because the first set of eye drops seemed to stop working.  I got a second, stronger set that seemed to do the trick.  My eye is now fine and I'm back to wearing contacts again.

Rich and I ended up taking part of last week off on vacation to make it a long weekend off from work.  We did a lot of work outside getting a planting bed ready along with purchasing plants and planting said plants.  We are still waiting for some to show up from ordering them on the internet, but the plants we purchased at a local nursery are all planted.  We ended up with 6 lupines, 24 poppies, 6 balloon flowers, 2 pholox, 2 catfish plants, 9 violas, 3 campanella, and 3 columbine.  Lots of plants!

We're still waiting for 6 boxwoods, and 6 cone flowers to be delivered.  It will be nice once the planting bed is established.  We also have to get some wood and lattice to make a trellis for some clematis.  We'll have to get the wood and lattice, paint it to match the trim color and then assemble everything.  I think that's going to be the project for this week.

When all is said and done, because we spent so much time working on the planting bed last week, very little sewing got done.  I think I got as much sewing done as un-sewing.  I got a bunch of strips ready for the next diamond pieces in the Lone Star quilt and sewed a bunch of them to the wrong strips. Argh!  Rip-Rip-Rip!  Oh well, at least they are right now.

So here's what I had attempted to do last week:
1.  Post directions for table runner. Not done...again

2. Post for Wanna-Know-Wednesday. Not done.

3. Share pictures of the Lone Star Wall Hanging. Not done.

4. Setup area in sewing room for scraps. Not done.

5.  Plant flowers and share pictures of the front planting bed. Planted lots of flowers and took some pictures.  I will post them this week.

Here's what I hope to do this week....

1.  Post directions for table runner.  I do have these typed up...I just need to post it.

2.  Post for Wanna-Know-Wednesdsay.

3.  Share pictures of Lone Star Wall Hanging.

4. Setup area in sewing room for scraps.

5. Share pictures of planting bed.

Happy Crafting!
~Sarah at upstateNYCreations

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