Monday, September 10, 2012

Make A List Monday

How the heck did it get to be Monday again??

It definitely seems like the weeks go by way too quickly.  I've noticed that when you're in grade/high school, the school year is long, but the summer goes by quickly.  Then in college, the time went by quickly just because you're too busy trying to make it from day-to-day with all the school work.  Semesters always seemed to fly by!

Now that I'm working, its even worse!  We all look forward to the weekend and pray for it to be here NOW and when you do that, the time just disappears on you.  Its not that I don't like my job, parts of it are really great, but its been so hectic the past year that I'm ready for a change.  I just don't know how to make that change yet or when the right time is to make the change.  When its this hectic though, you do tend to lose track of the weeks and somehow it gets to be the 2nd week of September and it feels like summer had just started.

Anyway - I did get some items done this week, but I did get sidetracked.... by a client commission. :-)  I found out on Friday the 31st that there was a potential quilt commission coming my way and by Wednesday of last week I was into full quilt planning mode.  The quilt needs to be ready by the 2nd week of November, which doesn't really leave a lot of time, but here's what I had planned and accomplished:

1. Post for Stashbusting on Sunday.  Done!
2. Quilt more of the Beginning Sampler and post photos of quilted blocks. Didn't touch this quilt.
3. Design quilting motif for Lone Star wall hanging. Didn't do this either, but I have a plan in my head of what I want.
4. Trim "leftover" bits from other quilts into usable pieces.  Got this completed.  I even washed 3 sets of FQs and cleaned up a good portion of my sewing room.  I needed to get everything cleaned up and ready to go for when the fabric for the client quilt arrives.
5. Photograph needlepoint and post picture.  Nope - didn't do.

I did get a little bit of sewing done and used up a little bit of stash last week.  I've also been making some fairly good progress on the needlepoint.  Plus, with the commission quilt planning that took up Thursday and Friday evenings, I'm surprised I got as much done as I did last week.

Here's the plan for this coming week:
1. Post pictures of client quilt fabric when it arrives.
2. Press FQs and get them ready for storage.
3. Draft up directions for client quilt.

Hope everyone has a great week!

Happy Crafting!
~Sarah at upstateNYCreations

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