Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Quilt Tester

Every quilter has her (or his) little "helpers", whether that be a spouse, family member, or pet.  In my case, I have a furry, little "Quilt Tester".  This is my cat, Ellie.


She is twelve this year (May 2012).  I first adopted her when I was living in Connecticut.  I had graduated from college in 2002 and started a job in Hartford.  I was alone in my apartment and tried the fish thing, but it didn't last long.  I decided I wanted a pet that would keep me company and be expecting me to come home each night.  I looked on Petfinder and found a woman who was trying to find a home for a cat because the cat was "terrorized" by her Pugs.

I met the woman and she was happy to give Ellie to me such that she would have a good home.  The first week in my apartment, I didn't see Ellie at all.  The only way I knew she was there (and alive) was that the litter box was being used and the food/water was being eaten.  After about a week, she started venturing out of her hiding spots and coming to me.  She seemed to finally realize she was the only animal in the apartment and that she had the run of the place.

We quickly became friends once Ellie realized she was the only pet.  I would come home from work each night and see her sitting in the window waiting for me to come home.  As I opened the door, she was always right there to say hi when I came home.  It took her longer to warm up to my husband when we were dating and then married, but she has warmed up to him.  She clearly prefers me still as she will come to me all the time and likes to snuggle against me.

When I started quilting, Ellie would love to "help" me arrange the fabrics.  Typically this was done by pouncing on the pieces laid out on the floor and "re-arranging" them. :-)  She has since learned that she's not allowed to walk on the fabric on the floor, but if its folded up...its game!


Every quilt I make is tested by her at some point or another.  Some quilts she enjoys more than others and I know I've done a good job with those quilts in making them cuddly-soft.

Our "helpers" - even if they don't really help - are always a joy to have in our crafty spaces. :-)

Go spend some time with your helpers!

Happy Crafting!
~Sarah at upstateNYCreations 

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  1. You have some great pictures of Ellie. I can almost feel her fur.