Friday, October 2, 2015

Baby Quilt Progress

I know its been a while again since my last post.  Life has been busy around here.

I've been focusing a lot on work and my health lately.  On the health front, its no major issues...just trying to be more health conscious.  I picked up running over the summer and still try to get in two or three runs every week.  With cold weather and dark evenings on the horizon, I'm a little concerned that I won't be able to keep up my running routine.  I can easily run 3 miles outside in 30 minutes without much effort, but once I get on a treadmill.... good bye.  I feel like I'm dying after the first mile or so.

I don't know whether its boredom with being on a treadmill or if I just find it hard to run on a treadmill.  I know I will still look forward to my weekend running that I can do outside for as long as I can!  The good thing is that with running and paying attention to myself over the past year or so, I've gone from a size 8 or 10 down to a size 4 (sometimes a 6 if the style is really trim cut).  I'm now holding steady around 126 or 127 pounds, which is something I haven't been at for about 8 years, so I'm really pleased with that.

Anyway - on to the stuff you really want to see... the quilting!  :c)

A friend of ours is having a baby (boy) this fall, so I went about making a cute quilt for them a few weeks ago.  Here are the fabrics/squares all laid out in my OCD fashion.  LOL!


It was quick work to sew all the pieces together, especially since it just had to be random for the most part.  I did line up the larger squares as well as the 3-piece strip sets on my design wall to make sure there wasn't too much of one color family in any area of the quilt.


All the strips came together quickly and I think I got most of the top done in just a few hours.


When it came to sewing the longer strips, I sewed the strips first and then laid them out on the wall and moved things around as needed to try and minimize having the same colors next to each other.  The image below is missing some of the white sashing pieces, but it was only up there so I could see how the colored squares went together.


And here is the middle of the top... only one large border to add...



One happy quilt top all put together.


I prepped the backing yesterday and hope to get it on the frame and quilted this weekend.  The backing material is a really cute polka dot that has similar colors as the front of the quilt.  I have a deep blue that I'm using for binding.  I wanted to use the green and the blue to give it a slightly more masculine feel since the baby is a boy.

I hope everyone is enjoying their fall.  I did see on one blog that Alaska is already receiving snow! September is a little early for snow...even for those of us who enjoy the snow!

Happy Crafting!
~Sarah at upstateNYCreations

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  1. love your quilt!! so cute. So nice that you can run and winter will make it harder to keep at it I'm sure. I wonder if others have trouble with the treadmill too? I can not run due to problems with my hips and muscles but I do try to walk alot. I got a fitbit late last year and try to do my 10,000 steps but fail most of the time. i can not seem to walk on a treadmill for more than 30 - 40 minutes before my hips start to bother me - the doctor says he always advises his patients with my problems to use the treadmill and I'm the only one that can't seem to handle it! I hurt more with the treadmill then when I walk on a trail and in the winter it gets cold and I don't like to freeze! Nice to see you blogging again. Great on the weight loss and size going down I wish I could do that - I need more muscle.