Monday, March 9, 2015

More Progress...

Whew!  Another post and it hasn't even been a month yet.  ;c)

A weekend ago, we finally had the sun creep out for a bit during the morning and it made the outdoors look awfully inviting despite the snow.  We have had a lot of grey, cloudy days due to the cold and almost constant snowfall.  Here was the view out my sewing room the other weekend:

Mariner's Compass - February 2015 - 04

That was the day that I was finally able to start sewing on the outside corners of the Mariner's Compass quilt.  Here's a section that was partially done...

Mariner's Compass - February 2015 - 05

And a slightly different angle (and later on in the day) showing the texture created.  Some of the triangles still have some non-straight "lines" in them from the basting stitches.  Once I get this washed, those lines will disappear.

Mariner's Compass - February 2015 - 07

Up-close and personal with pebbles...

Mariner's Compass - February 2015 - 06

Mariner's Compass - March 2015 - 03

Mariner's Compass - March 2015 - 02

I love the overall texture and depth the pebbles are giving to this quilt.  Sometimes I think I should have gone with some more than just pebbles, but too late now!  I'm definitely not ripping out this much pebbling!

Mariner's Compass - March 2015 - 01

I'm still not quite done with this one corner, but very close.  Its probably another 1/2 hour of quilting or so and it should be done.  It takes me a bit longer as I try to break it up into manageable chunks and get myself up and moving in between.  I've found that I can do about 10-15 individual pebbles before I have to re-adjust my hands.  So after I do 3 or 4 re-adjustments, I typically will get up, walk around, etc.   It makes it so it takes longer to get the quilt done, but my body appreciates the break.

 Happy Crafting!
~Sarah at upstateNYCreations

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