Friday, November 15, 2013

What Do I Do....?

Karen at Quilts....etc. asked me earlier this week what I do that has caused me to travel so much lately.  I realized I haven't actually said what I do for work...just that it definitely keeps me busy. ;-)

So the company I work for makes steam turbines that generate power. This is what an entire turbine assembly looks like:

The team I run specifically deals with the internal workings of the turbine similar to the parts shown below:

When I first started with the company, I was an engineer designing components.  Over the years, I have moved through the ranks and am now the manager of 35 individuals who create the drawings necessary to make the parts.

Our company has two main sites now, one of which is located in Mexico.  My travel last week was to go to Mexico to meet both the engineers that I used to work with and the designers who work for me now. 

I don't normally have a lot of traveling, but it seems like the past month I've done nothing but travel.  The first trip was for a training course and the second was to meet the folks in Mexico.  Of the past 4 weeks, I've spent 2 weeks traveling and 2 weeks home.  I don't have any more business travel for the rest of the year, so I'm glad to be able to stay home for a while!

I'll probably have some additional trips in the future to Mexico, but I had a good trip the first time, so I don't see any problems in the future for traveling to Mexico again.  Just don't drink the water!  :-)

Happy Crafting!
~Sarah at upstateNYCreations

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  1. so interesting - thanks for showing pictures too - my husband recognized what it was right away! he is retired from the nuclear power plant in training - I on the other hand am in awe of what you do and wouldn't understand it for anything! I fail horribly in science and math :( but great in the arts :)