Sunday, September 22, 2013

Stash Busting 2013 - Week 38

Progress has been made!!  :-)

The last week or two I've been slowly making progress on some Winding Ways blocks.  Here's where I was 2 weeks ago:


And now...  All 12 blocks are made.  Nine will stay as a small wall-hanging type quilt.  The other three (at the top) are destined to become a table runner.


From just those blocks, I was able to use just over 1.5 yards of fabric.

The downside over the past two weeks....I bought fabric... and lots of it.  To my defense, Connecting Threads had a sale and I had a gift certificate to the store AND I bought fabric for the next large wall hanging (a mariner's compass style quilt).  I also bought backing material for my Bento Box quilt top that is waiting to be quilted.

Here's the connecting threads fabric (pre-washing):


Here's the backing fabric...and a cameo by the kitty. :-)


And here's the fabric for the Mariner's compass quilt.  Its a lot of paper-piecing so I bought more than I needed, but what's a little stash building here and there. ;-)


I also spent some time yesterday organizing my fabric and bookshelf.  Looks nice and pretty all organized...I wonder how long it will stay that way.


So here are my stash numbers:

Added This Week:       41.80 yards
Added Year to Date:    47.65 yards
Used This Week:          1.59 yards
Used Year to Date:       16.44 yards
Net Year to Date:         31.22 yards

I'm definitely back in the red now with the backing and extra fabrics that I bought.  I doubt I'll hit neutral again by the end of the year, but maybe I will get lucky.

Go on over to Judy's blog to see how others are doing.

Happy Crafting!
~Sarah at upstateNYCreations


  1. Your winding ways quilt is going to be gorgeous! Seems as though most of the fabrics you bought for specific projects so it isn't as bad as it seems. I like Connecting Threads fabric, you got some great pieces. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Your Winding Ways blocks are great looking. I love the colors you used. Your stash enhancements are pretty and since they are going for a planned project, they will be used in no time.

  3. I just finished a winding ways quilt. you can see more about it at my blog -
    Yours is going to look great! Wish I had a dye for the cutting. That would be so nice!