Monday, January 11, 2016

Water Saga

Another post without pictures... but a post nonetheless.  :c)

For anyone who is new, just prior to Christmas, we had some problems with our well water.  All the gory details, and a few pictures, are posted here.

The well driller did put in a filter to catch the sediment and we're waiting for our water tests to come back at this phase to make sure we still have clean water to drink.  However, the water straight out of the well (non-filtered) is still cloudy.  It is definitely better, but not crystal clear like it used to be.

This is where it has gotten a little annoying.  The well driller calls us once every week or two and says "I've sold that filter and I'm going to need it back".  Our response all along, and they agreed when they put it in, was that it will stay until we have clear water.  Thankfully, our neighbor (who is ultimately paying this guy) is on our side and has also called the well driller to tell him no, he can't take the filter yet.

The good thing... the filter is inside the house.  They can't come and get it without us letting them in to take it.  :D

The bad side... we're getting tired of the phone calls.  AND.... we found out the neighbor's well is only producing 2.5 gallons per minute.  Code in our area is a minimum of 3 gallons per minute.  So we don't think he's done messing with his well yet since he needs to get at least another 1/2 gallon out of it in order to put a house there.

We are truly hoping that there hasn't been any major damage to the quality of our well, but we really won't know until we have clean water and we go through a hot and dry summer.  Then we will know if our well is truly stable again.

I do have some crafting/quilting stuff to post again.  I've been doing a lot of clean-up of boxes of scraps.  Eventually I will use all my extra fabric for some scrap quilts!

Happy Crafting!
~Sarah at upstateNYCreations


  1. I was wondering how this turned out for you. Sad to see it is still going on. It is just so nice that the guy sold that filter, guess he should bring and exact duplicate for it when he comes to pick it up.

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