Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Water Woes

I've been quiet lately with a lot of things going on both at work and home.  However, I felt the need to share this one...

Our neighbor has been trying to put a well in for a few weeks.  They are down to about 400ft and still no water.  Our well is only 250ft deep and we have great water.  It really comes down to WHO you use for digging a well.

Anyway - the well-driller next door decided the next route was to do hydro fracking.  This is a standard method that's been done for years for water wells, but apparently there are no real "rules" around how close you can be to an existing well without impacting it.  On Friday, they started hydro fracking and the only reason we knew was because my husband was home that day.

We thought everything was fine until we woke up Saturday morning to discover that our clean, clear water was now murky grey.  The hydro fracking opened up a fissure into our well and disturbed everything.

Thankfully, we still have water in the well, but we were pumping it out continuously over the weekend to try and clear out the muck.  The picture below pretty much tells the story.


Thursday night we had nice clear water and Saturday morning you couldn't see through the glass.  The picture of the glasses was taken this morning (3 days after the water was put into the Saturday morning glass) and the sediment in the water STILL hasn't settled.

We ran the well all day Saturday and Sunday, which is why the Sunday night glass is somewhat see-through.  On Monday, the well driller came and put in a temporary filter such that we can use our water again.

We honestly don't know if our well looked as murky when it was first dug or not.  Our builder ran if for a week straight just continuously dumping the water out of the well to flush out all the junk.  We weren't trying to live there at that point, so it wasn't a big deal.  Now that we live in our house, it is a big deal when you don't have potable water.

Thankfully, both the well-driller and our neighbor are being very good about this and making sure that our water gets fixed.  We spent the weekend using bottled water and doing laundry at a laundromat versus in the house.  An inconvenience, but was OK for a weekend.  I'm definitely happy to have decent water back.  We still have to test every few days to see if the unfiltered water is coming in clean yet, but we have the filter (free of charge) in place until the water is clear.

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~Sarah at upstateNYCreations

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  1. that doesn't sound too great! a lot of work for you hopefully your water will be ok. I guess it is the hazards of a water well - we just had well water when we moved here and had to have a filter that a company came out and replaced monthly - it was clean and tasted ok but the laundry didn't come out very well and the bathtub became orange from the minerals - was so glad when the country put in a water system and have been happy with it.