Tuesday, December 17, 2013


This morning we woke up to the nice warm temperature of -6F outside.  Today would have been an awesome day to work from home, but sadly no, I had to go into the office.

My car was definitely not happy with the cold temperatures.  It didn't feel warm in the car until I actually arrived at the office 20 minutes later.

We've also gotten a fair amount of snow lately.  The past few years, we haven't really had a lot of snow in upstate NY.  Even my parents who live in the "snow belt" didn't get a lot of snow the past two years.  I guess mother nature is starting to make up for it this year. 

This past weekend we had a storm come through that dumped about 14-inches of the white stuff.  It was nice that it was light and fluffy snow versus heavy, wet snow (aka heart attack snow).  My husband cleared our driveway with the tractor (we have a snow thrower on the back of it), while I shoveled the sidewalk and back porch.

Afterwards, we came into find this...


Yes, that is our cat.  As CLOSE to the fire as she can get without actually cooking herself.  We're still not sure if she maybe roasted her head a little bit since she was so close.


She actually picked her head up a bit when we came and then we could watch her drift off again and slide back down to laying sideways.  We did have to get a wet paper towel when she woke up so that we could wipe the ash off her.  The side of her head was gray from the ash on the hearth (standard by-product of a wood-burning fireplace).

I hope everyone else is staying warm and those of you in the warm parts of the country/world.... ENJOY IT!  :c)

Happy Crafting!
~Sarah at upstateNYCreations


  1. silly kitty - I would have thought she would have got to hot! Don't envy you the cold.

  2. I remember watching a show on cats (not the musical) where the cat chose to perch itself next to the blast furnace used for iron work. Now that is hot. Our cats on the farm had singed fur from the fireplace, from time to time.
    Cats they appreciate heat like no others!