Sunday, October 13, 2013

Another Crazy Week

The upcoming week is going to be yet another crazy week.  It amazes me how things just seem to get a bit messier each week instead of becoming less hectic.

Two weeks ago, my company announced a bunch of layoffs that will be taking effect over the next 6-8 weeks.  There were more people affected that I thought would be, and its been difficult moving towards a new "normal".  No only am I trying to help and comfort those affected, but I'm also trying to figure out how we move forward in my teams when I've lost a lot of our engineering support and will be losing more resources.

Last week, one of my technical leaders was out of the office to provide training for other individuals.  As such, the week was a little extra busy as I was covering for that individual as well as having a lot more meetings to determine how the business wants to move forward.

This week, I'm off on training.  This particular training involves traveling about 3 hours from home, staying in a hotel (which always throws me off) and having to go through copious amounts of "networking" events.  I'm not a very social person, so these network events always make me extra nervous and stressed.  I get along with people in smaller settings, but having to do a 5-minute chat with 30 people... not my cup of tea.

Thankfully, I got to the hotel fairly early this afternoon (around 4pm), so I was able to check my work emails, get some dinner and have some relaxing time this evening.  I brought a wool felt project with me that doesn't require a lot of thought.  All the pieces are glue basted in place, so its just mindlessly sewing the edges down by hand.

I will however miss the hubby and the flannel sheets that we just put on the bed at home!  :-)  Plus since its supposed to be cool at night this week, the hubby had brought in a bunch of wood so he could have fires at night.  I'm going to miss those this week.  It will be over before I know and I'll be back least until my next trip.  :-)

Happy Crafting!
~Sarah at upstateNYCreations


  1. sounds like a lot of stress to me - keep on stitching when you can and try to relax - the stitching might help a little bit

    1. Hi, Karen. The stitching does definitely help. It it good for de-stressing! :-)

  2. Wow....that is a mess. It seems as if changes are always happening at my son and my daughters job as well. Someone is always stirring the pot.

    1. Hi! I think the changes (at all places) are due to the uncertainty in the economy. I know that's what ours are and that the economy hasn't bounced back yet. Let's hope things start to rebound a little faster!