Sunday, October 19, 2014

New York State Fair - 3

OK... I promise this is my last post on the fair.  :c)

Each year at the New York State fair, they do a huge sand sculpture.  And I mean HUGE!  Each year it has a different theme and typically revolves around something related to NY.  This year, they focused on Theodor Geisel, the author for the Dr. Seuss books.  If you go to the fair early in the week, you can see the artists still working on it.  We went mid-week and most of it was completed, but there were still a few spots that they were working on.  Here's a series of photos of the various sides of the sculpture...and it really is a sculpture. 

NYS Fair 2014 - 56

NYS Fair 2014 - 57

NYS Fair 2014 - 58

NYS Fair 2014 - 59

NYS Fair 2014 - 60

NYS Fair 2014 - 61

NYS Fair 2014 - 62

NYS Fair 2014 - 63

NYS Fair 2014 - 64

NYS Fair 2014 - 65

NYS Fair 2014 - 66

NYS Fair 2014 - 67

NYS Fair 2014 - 68

NYS Fair 2014 - 69

I will get back to posting quilty things again.  I've had a lot going on lately, but have been making progress on some quilts, so I will definitely show that...soon. :c)

Happy Crafting!
~Sarah at upstateNYCreations

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