Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Rain, Rain and some more.....

As most people across the US can attest to, it has been raining pretty much non-stop for the past month... or so it seems.  We have a stream that runs on the northern edge of our property that is purely run-off from the farm across the road from us and we also have a major creek through the back part of our property.  Since both of these are "low spots", whenever we have a ton of rain come down, these areas always start roaring.


This is the area where we've created a bit of a dam so we can collect water and water our lawn from it.  This is the run-off from the field across the road, so we don't worry about changing the "natural" environment.  Plus, as you can see, the water definitely still flows downhill.  :-)




One of our overflow pipes has washed partway down the stream.  The other one... somewhere past that bend. ;-) 

Its a very pretty view looking up the stream a little bit.  The sun was coming out after a big storm passed, so it was actually very pretty.


This next photo is a culvert on our neighbor's path down to the larger creek.  Normally the water is just a small trickle... not so much after the storm passed.


And here's down by the creek.  My husband is standing on the footbridge.  Normally the water here is only a few inches deep, it was at least a foot deep in the photo.




Down on the main part of the creek, it was a raging river.  This isn't the worst we've seen it, but its definitely extremely high.


Normally, you can see about 5 feet of that rock, now its just about 2 feet.



One of the best photos was a waterfall on the other side of the creek.  Usually this is a small trickle of water coming from the farmer's fields above the creek, but it was a full-fledged waterfall after the storm.


I do promise to get back to quilting soon.  I have been making a little progress here and there.

As for the new job, thanks everyone for the congrats.  I'm still finding my feet under me, but its better this week than last.  I do have a new "tether" to work now.  Since I'm now a manager, I need to have a work cell phone such that I can be contacted all the time.  So I know have a smartphone for work that is my permanent tether.  At least it allows me to keep up to speed on things when I don't have my laptop with me.

Happy Crafting!
~Sarah at upstateNYCreations

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  1. beautiful rivers of water! and to see the waterfall on your own land (or next to it?) is so pretty glad it didn't flood though too much